Ordinary people can also create wealth

as dazzling as the sun

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Project introduction: About Three body chain

The three body chain is a public chain project. The TPS of the three body chain is as high as 20 million. It has passed the bottom technology of international Supercomputing Center and multinational financial data testing center, and obtained the authoritative test report. It is a stable and secure global decentralized sustainable development economic system based on decentralized transaction technology, slice and layer technology (application layer, contract layer, incentive layer, consensus layer, network layer, data layer), isomorphic multi chain technology.

From a new point of view, based on the distributed characteristics of blockchain, cryptography and other technical means and token design, the three body chain provides a new blockchain solution for the development of big data economy.

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Solve several major pain points in the industry

Solve data delay

Compared with other public chains such as Ethereum and EOS, the three body chain adopts the original dbft consensus mechanism. Under this mechanism, the system generates a block every 0.3-0.5 seconds. The TPS of the three body chain is as high as 20 million, which is faster than other public chains in terms of transaction speed.

Solve data bloat

The amount of data is getting larger and larger, and it will be huge at last. It will take weeks or even months to synchronize at last. Because of the synchronization problem, the quick transaction confirmation mechanism designed by blockchain system is of no value to individuals.

Address storage bottlenecks

At present, the blockchain design can only realize the full backup storage of the same (unique) data, and can not be used for distributed fragmented storage. Because only the flat stacking can not be solved, large industry applications will not be able to migrate to the blockchain.

Solving platform barriers

Decentralized finance provides access to traditional financial services for all regions by eliminating intermediaries and barriers to entry, and by using blockchain technology. There is potential for WiFi applications and services to bring greater benefits to less developed countries or countries with less stable economies.

Solving fairness and efficiency

With the unique pbft (Byzantine fault tolerance) algorithm, the consensus speed is extremely fast, and it only takes 2 to 3 seconds to guarantee the transaction and settlement on the three body chain. Based on rtxp protocol, the transaction in the three body chain network is open, transparent and effective in real time, excluding the controllable effect.

Convenient expansion

Developers can build a strong DAPP and Multi Chain ecosystem on the three body chain, and jointly maintain the development of the three body chain ecosystem. The new concept and ecosystem of three body chain have not only attracted great attention in the industry, but also attracted close attention of many overseas institutions and consortiums.

—— Distribution plan ——

Token distribution plan

The total number of TBC issued is 1 billion. The first issue of 10 million mother coins, the remaining 990 million TBC are issued in five stages, maintaining the original base of monthly growth of 2% at the end of the period, reaching the end of the issue of 1 billion

Distribution mode: zither plan + face wall plan + creation node.

Calculation method: the part of the ore pool participates in the dividend of the additional part.

Currency holding income: 1. Holding more than 100 TBCs can participate in currency holding dividend (dynamic adjustment of minimum holding); 2. Proportion dividend according to the ranking of currency holding.

Total TBC issues
First issue
Remaining five issues

Master network planning

In the first stage of issuance, the original base of monthly growth is 10%. We can get the calculation formula of monthly circulation Y: Monthly circulation, X: Monthly y = 100 × 1.1 (x-1), x = 1,2,3 increase

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Technical characteristics of three body chain system

Three body chain realizes cross chain transactions with public chains such as bitcoin and Ethereum, and information interconnection and value exchange among alliance chain, private chain and public chain. Alliance chain and private chain can realize more specialized blockchain functions and easily meet the needs of privacy protection.

  • 1 Powerful

    It can realize more specialized blockchain functions and easily meet the requirements of privacy protection

  • 2 Excellent performance

    Three body chain transaction performance can exceed 20 million transactions / second

  • 3 Precise positioning

    Provide templates for the development of DAPP in different fields of blockchain industry, and solve the financing problem of enterprises

  • 4 Leading features

    More secure, easy to use, environmentally friendly, clear classification, scale, privacy and popularization

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Strategic layout of three body chain

The business scope of the three body chain ecosystem covers the global digital asset investment users. It has set up independent transaction business or operation centers in Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. It is committed to gradually implement the global mapping of the TBC main network and complete the docking and development of all-round applications. At the same time, the TBC incubator will focus on high-quality digital asset investment Opportunities, high-quality project incubation, and provide more than 100 pairs of trading and investment services for digital asset categories in the ecosystem, so as to truly achieve scenario application, ecological diversity and win-win situation.

  • 1000000+

    Global investment users

  • 100+

    Global coverage

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Time planning

Three body chain: ordinary people can also create dazzling wealth like the sun

  • March 2020
    The project starts and the three body chain begins to develop
  • June 2020
    First test network release
  • July 2020
    The second test network is released to realize data storage on the chain
  • December 2020
    Completion of development and test run of three body chain
  • May 2021
    It is expected to release the main network diffraction within 2 months
  • Other
    For more, please pay attention to the three body chain

Risk tips and Disclaimers

The three body chain is a public welfare and non-profit system. The future internal incentive mechanism and operation and maintenance mechanism of the system adopt virtual digital assets (i.e. virtual goods), rather than monetary incentive mechanism. The digital assets generated by the system itself can be used as a reward for system maintenance, but in order to meet the resource exchange between the system and other systems or other social subjects, a certain amount of other virtual digital assets such as bitcoin are required to intervene.